Si tuvieras un dinosaurio ¿Cómo sería?/If you had a dinosaur, what would it be like?

Students will work as paleontologists to discover the wonders of the prehistoric world. They will investigate the history of dinosaurs, how they lived, their characteristics. Through exploration and research, students will join the features of their favorite dinosaurs to create their own unique and very special dinosaur. This unit will expose students to the mysteries and fascinating elements of science and history. At the end of this project, students will present their dinosaurs to their classmates, explain their characteristics and even name the new dinosaur they create. This project can be individual or group and its main objective is for students to investigate, explore, imagine and unite their knowledge to create wonderful dinosaurs.

Everyone is getting excited for this theme…dinosaurs are even coming to Philadelphia just in time for this theme! See here a video of the Spinosaurus’ travels 🙂

For a list of terms that relate to this month’s theme and other ideas for activities, download  here. 

Here are some of the libros/books we will be reading this month:
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