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Spring house, PA

¡Bienvenidos a Mi Casita Preschool!

Mi Casita is excited to bring Spanish Immersion Preschool to Spring House. Mi Casita serves children from 3 months to 5 years old.

Our unique approach utilizes the fundamentals of learning language through complete Spanish Immersion. Through Project-Based Learning, we provide authentic cultural experiences, activities, crafts, reading, games and other engaging activities. And we follow the acclaimed Creative Curriculum to ensure the well-rounded development of each child. 

Read more about our approach and our programs to learn why Mi Casita is a great choice for your child’s early education.

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Bilingual children are able to decode information with much more ease than someone who is monolingual, they tend to do better on their academic testing… it’s really broadening their horizons in every which way.
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