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Welcome to Philadelphia’s Premier Spanish Immersion Preschool. The preschool is located in the Fairmount neighborhood, with convenient access to public transportation and the amenities of center city.  Mi Casita Fairmount is a licensed childcare program that currently offers a Spanish immersion learning environment for children who are over age 1 and confidently walking to 5 years.  

We are now enrolling children as young as 3 months old for our Poplar location.

La Casita’s unique approach utilizes the fundamentals of learning language to preschoolers through complete Spanish Immersion. Through Project-Based Learning, we provide authentic cultural experiences, activities, crafts, reading, games and other engaging activities. And we follow the acclaimed Creative Curriculum to ensure the well-rounded development of each preschooler and nursery school attendee. 

Read more about our approach and our programs to learn why Mi Casita is a great private preschool choice for your familia.

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Mi Casita Preschool utilizes Spanish Immersion.  Teaching preschoolers Spanish the way they learn their mother tongue; through complete Immersion.  

This private preschool begins at nursery school age, all instruction, for all ages, is taught in Spanish.  Mi Casita Preschool focuses on the whole child, education through play and project-based learning, taught through the Creative Curriculum program.  

An early childhood program designed to teach the educational foundations, early fundamentals, build social skills and relationships, all while learning Spanish.  Giving your preschooler a strong foundation in fundamentals, new cultures, and Spanish language skills.



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