At Home Spanish Learning for Preschoolers

That's Actually FUN

Immersive Spanish learning at home does not have to be frustrating. Tu Casita Monthly Boxes give you everything you need to make your preschooler’s quality immersive Spanish learning time enjoyable and productive.

Eliminate the overwhelm.

You shouldn’t feel frantic when teaching your child Spanish.

Tu Casita’s Complete lesson plans, toys, and materials delivered monthly equip you with everything you need to cherish the time with your little one as they learn authentic Spanish.

Never waste another second preparing at home lesson plans.

Start spending your time doing what you should be doing: nurturing and adoring your children as they learn!



Quality time crafting cultured kids

  • Help your child learn authentic, Native Spanish language and culture.
  • Cultivate cultured, intelligent kids.
  • Make precious memories with you children.
  • Have confidence about your child’s learning and direction with ready-to-go Spanish lessons and resources every month.
  • Build a set of resources, toys, lessons, and books you can use over and over to play and learn.
  • Empower learning without screens.
  • Regain your own free time as expert preschool Spanish teachers prepare everything for you.

Raising cultured, fluent children
shouldn’t be overwhelming.

In addition to being expert teachers, our Tu Casita team are also Moms of preschoolers .

We want the best for our kids, too.

If you’re anything like us, you want to raise conscious, cultured kids.

The problem is, creating weekly at home lesson plans can feel like a whole other job itself.

You’re already doing plenty of parenting work to raise an exceptional child BEFORE factoring in language and cultural education!

Still, you value authentic Spanish learning. Maybe you call a preschool located in Latin America for help. Maybe you feverishly search Pinterest for inspiration for a plan for tomorrow’s Spanish playtime.

If you’re like many of our subscriber parents, you are piecing it together yourself, spending extra time you don’t really have prepping .

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

As experienced Spanish Immersion Preschool teachers from across the world, we have helped thousands of families cultivate cultured kids and get their quality time back.

Let us put your mind at ease.

¡Es Facil! (It's easy!)

Es Facil Learning Plan

You can get your child speaking Spanish easily with our help.


Choose your
Tu Casita Subscription

The TuCasita Box is toys, books, and lesson plans for a whole month’s productive playtime and learning. Choose this if you want cultured, fluent children and quality time spent without screens.

The TuCasita Box + Zoom is toys, books, and lesson plans plus video lessons from our amazing instructor Suania. Choose this if you want to supplement your learning time with expert Spanish Preschool instruction right through your TV, computer, or ipad.


Get Complete Spanish Learning
Right Out of the Box

Get monthly Spanish lessons that equip you with everything you need for a whole month’s learning right to your door. We’ll deliver these monthly, so you can sign up and never have to worry about what comes next.

Just open, teach, play, and enjoy.


Create Cultured,
Fluent Kids

Spend your time cherishing your little ones as they learn their way into being stupendous speakers and thinkers.

Our programs were designed with your family in mind:

We make it real, complete, and enjoyable.


With our dedication to social justice, culture, and native Spanish speaking, benefit from our team of immersive Spanish preschool teachers’ collective expertise.

Authentic Spanish teachers give you the keys to authentic Spanish learning.


Most at-home Spanish learning options only give you part of what you need to have complete lesson. Our boxes arrive ready to use, for the whole month.

Every minute you spend preparing lessons is a minute you could spend actually with your child. No prep = more quality time with your children.


We believe learning should be immersive AND fun. That means fun for both you and your children.

Everything we send is built specifically to craft quality moments with your little ones, again and again.

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Delivery Notes: Orders placed by the 16th of each month will receive a Tu Casita box for the following month. Any orders placed after the 16th will receive the subsequent box.  For example, orders placed between September 17th and October 16th will receive the November Tu Casita Box as their first delivery.  Orders placed between October 17th and November 16th will receive the December Tu Casita box as their first delivery.

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