Maestra Bethzaida

My name is Bethzaida Burgos de Jesús I am 41 years old and I was born in Puerto Rico. My family consists of my 2 daughters Amnelis N., 18, Tiana V., 9, and my husband Jayson. I studied at the University of Turabo (Gurabo P.R.) There I finished my Bachelor’s degree in secondary Physical Education and did a certification for elementary students of the same concentration. I worked for 2 years in Puerto Rico as a teacher and then I took a cosmetology course which I have been practicing for 10 years. After the passage of Hurricane Maria, my husband made the decision to move to Texas, and we have lived in this state for 2 years. The purpose of getting here has been to learn English, have a better job so my two daughters can have a much better quality of life. My hobby is sharing with my family and visiting new places.

MiCasita Preschool

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